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About Focused Running Coaching

Focused Running is for runners of all levels and provides a personal coaching service in an increasingly impersonal world. 

Simon Dicks is a running coaching in Reading who coaches runners of all levels to achieve their goals. He not only trains you to be a more efficient runner but also helps with mental toughness and motivation. Simon has completed numerous marathons & ultramarathons himself, including some of the toughest multi-day races in the world!

If you’re looking for help, need a bespoke marathon training plan, race day strategy, or a little help getting started or want someone to motivate you during your training sessions, why not learn to run faster, further and with reduced risk of injury with Running Coach Simon Dicks?

It’s not just one foot after the other! It’s a movement strategy, a fitness strategy, a feeling based strategy, this, is Focused Running!

Whether you’re relatively new to running or not, I will ensure you achieve your running goals.

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On average: 70% of Runners are nursing injuries before the race starts!

It doesn't have to be this way!


If you’re anything like the average runner, your performance is suffering and you’re not getting any faster.

Simon is a running coach we a proven track record coaching & training runners of all distances including 5k, 10k, half-marathon, full marathon training and ultramarathons and multi-day extreme endurance events. 

Focused Running can help you to run faster and further with a reduced risk of injury in just a few weeks, it all starts with a technique assessment of your current movement patterns.

Running technique coaching will make you a more efficient runner. That translates to more speed, more endurance, reduced risk of injury and the ability to finally reach your potential as an athlete!

Personal Assessment

Biomechanical Movement

Personal Coaching

Detailed Training Plan Designed For You & Your Running Goals

Running Technique

Certified Running Coaching & Technique Specialist

How it Works

Step 1

It all starts with a short phone or zoom call to discuss your running goals and evaluate your current training and past running history.

Step 2

The second step is a physical assessment of your biomechanics, stride pattern, cadence and position before creating a dedicated programme.

Step 3

You will receive progressive ongoing coaching with regular check in's, and virtual assistance to nurture running efficiency & improved technique.

Running Technique - Before & After

What Clients Are Saying

“I'm really pleased with the improvement in my technique after a few sessions with Simon. Each session focused on a single aspect of my form, and built on the previous sessions, so now I have a better picture of how I should be running and a set of tools to call on. Running has become more fluid and I'm moving faster with less effort.”
Jon Howard - Ultra Runner
“I had already learned so much from Simon before he became my coach. Now that he is its at a different level. Taking me back to basics, helping with confidence, stability and making me accountable is exactly what I need to achieve my goals. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. If you want to improve your running you need Simon to be your coach.”
Lee Haswell - 10K & Ultra Runner
“I had a really great session with Simon - he's really good at explaining both the technical & physical side of running clearly, as well providing great motivation. He assessed my movement by recording me from lots of different angles. Simon was able to pick up on preexisting injuries on my stride and give me tips to balance use of muscles vs over reliance on the “strong side”. Simon has given me some great techniques to both build muscle and improve my stride, whilst taking into account my injuries. Really looking forward to my next session! Thanks Simon”'
Steph Goddard - 5K Runner
“I considered a running coach for years but never really got around to it or understood the benefit. 6 weeks in and both my speed and endurance is up and aches and pains are down! More importantly, I have a renewed love of running and my weekly mileage is creeping back up to where I want it to be. I highly recommend Si and Focused Running who is as passionate about running as he is diligent, professional and knowledgeable in coaching.”
Craig Williams - Ultra Runner

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