Endurance Coaching

Data-Driven Running Technique Coaching & Endurance

Data is the most valuable commodity on our planet, your data is an insight into you performance and training, your training is structured, reviewed and analysed.

No one training plan is the same, everyone is different and whether you are training for a 5K, Marathon, multi stage or FKT your plan is tailored to your running goals.

I will send you a Training Peaks link that attaches you to our online coaching account, here you create your account and connect your device to Training Peaks, every time you end a session on your watch, the data will be transferred to your plan and available to be analysed.

After an initial consultation including heart rate tests your plan and unique running coaching programme is designed and entered into your Training Peaks account, from here and on your mobile you can see your workout details, heart rate zones and pace zones to work in.

Over time your data shows trends indicating your Fitness, Fatigue and Race Form, we use the data and more importantly how you feel as the key indicators into planning your training and being race ready, working this close means you can get the best out of your training.

Your training blocks are structured with body adaptions depending on your goal at the heart of your plan, whether it is aerobic base building that brings on physiological changes to your body, lactate threshold training to increase the enzymes that help buffer lactate and other bi products or strength & conditioning training.

If you have a weakness (eg ankles), I will devise a session that will work on this, coming at running from multiple directions is what makes the difference, not just one thing, if we improve 5 things by just 2% each, you will be a 10% better runner, this transferred to times and distances, you run quicker and further.

What Clients Are Saying

“I considered a running coach for years but never really got around to it or understood the benefit. 6 weeks in and both my speed and endurance is up and aches and pains are down!
More importantly, I have a renewed love of running and my weekly mileage is creeping back up to where I want it to be. I highly recommend Si and Focused Running who is as passionate about running as he is diligent, professional and knowledgeable in coaching.”
“I had already learned so much from Simon before he became my coach. Now that he is its at a different level. Taking me back to basics, helping with confidence, stability and making me accountable is exactly what I need to achieve my goals. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. If you want to improve your running you need Simon to be your coach.”
Lee Haswell - 10K & Ultra Runner

Ice Ultra Winner 2020

Jungle Ultra 2018

Marathon Des
Sables 2016