The Ultra Running Package

Let’s Get Serious

A package for Multi Stage, Ultra and FKT runners

As a veteran of the Marathon Des Sables, Jungle Ultra, Desert Ultra, and winner of the Ice Ultra, I have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you prepare for and excel during an ultra event.

This package will not only improve your running technique and endurance, but you will get first-hand experience and advice on what to expect.

What’s Included in the Ultra Running Coaching Package

Running Assessment - 6 Monthly

Your expert running coaching begins using ultra high definition video and software your Bio-Mechanical running assessment either on a treadmill, or outside is analysed, I take this one step further and conduct a Functional Movement Analysis to give us a full picture of where you are today with your movement.

This is reviewed every 6 months to monitor your progress, it will also be done anytime after you have had an injury so we can Identify what to work on to get you back stronger.

Running Technique - Monthly

We now focus on improving the areas we have identified in the analysis through unique running coaching methodology using accelerated learning techniques. These sessions will be reinforced by strength, activation and mobility exercises, and you will be provided with guidance and programmes on how to practice and improve your running technique

Monthly 1 hour sessions to improve your running technique, dynamic movement skills and technical trail running.

Endurance Coaching - Monthly

Working on the body adapting to endurance physiology, this is your aerobic system, nervous system, muscular skeletal system, not one thing will make you a better Ultra runner, its multiple systems working and developing together.

A monthly plan that moves as you do, as you progress the training blocks change, blocks designed to your goals and events, you will train to effort level and get to know your body.

We have monthly reviews, plan the next month and keep you on point.

Cost: £150 Per Month