Simon Dicks

Focused Running was born on the long bus ride back from Jokkmokk, following my win at the “Beyond The Ultimate” Ice Ultra, sat next to me was my good friend Lee Haswell who gave me the confidence that I could do something with my passion and experience by becoming a running coach.

I didn’t expect to do so well, but on reflection I realised I had actually come a long way since finishing the MDS, with my drive being the love for running. This led me to the the Jungle where I thrived in the conditions finishing 5th overall, I was then on the way to learning to run, not just running.

Learning to run is what made the difference at the Ice Ultra, it’s not just one thing, its a combination of many including physical and mental changes, this is what Focused Running is bringing to anyone who wants to be the best they can, by having an online coach you can get closer to your running dreams.

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