Terms & Conditions

Payment should be made at the start of each calendar month via standing order. If you begin a training program in the middle of the month, the first month’s payment will be pro-rated accordingly.

During busy times I may not be able to respond to all texts and emails straight away, so please allow up to two working days for training queries/alterations. It’s best to scan ahead a few days in your plan so that we can clear up any anticipated questions and changes ahead of time.

I try to keep to normal working hours but will try to respond during weekends and evenings, although this may not be possible at all times.

Please allow one month’s written notice if you would like to stop your training. If you allow less notice than this you will still be charged for the final month of your program.

I don’t charge a sign-up fee like many coaches, but if you cancel your plan after less than 4 months of training there is a £50 early cancellation fee to compensate for the high initial time commitment involved in consultation and designing your long-term training plan.

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