The foundation of learning to run efficiently, reducing injury and improving your performance.

Using ultra high definition and detailed video software your movement is analysed, after studying the video we discuss changing you gait, the reasons why and how to improve other areas of your running technique, this is then worked into your Focused Running training plan or a plan of your own.

We couple to this your running dynamics data (Stride Length, Cadence, Vertical Oscillation & Ground Contact Time), everyone is different and during the coaching and implementation of the techniques you will find exactly what works for you, making you feel better, more relaxed, more at ease, all of which are signals that go back to your brain which allows you to go for longer, welcome to your new effort level.

The analysis can either be in person or virtual, purchased as part of a Focused Running package or separately.

What’s more is that we can analyse you anywhere, whether you are a road runner or a trail runner, leave the treadmill and get assessed in the real world where your body is changing with the terrain. Trails are not flat, how does your body move both up and down hill, are you using energy efficiently or are you braking and stopping your body from flowing, these are the questions we can answer.What you have learned up to this date can be changed, tendons, ligaments and muscle are software, software can be rewritten.

Suitable for:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Ultra Runners
  • Triathletes

Session Details:

Location: Various
  • Reading, Newbury & West Berkshire
  • Session Format
  • The sessions will follow a general format but will be adapted depending on what I see when you run, this is my style of being agile and understanding my clients needs, the general format is: Walk/Jog Talking Discussion, Dynamic Movement Skills, Resistant Band Work, Running Technique, Debrief and Homework discussion.


£ 395
  • 6 x 1 Hour Running Technique Block
  • Highly Specific to Your Needs
  • Virtual Option Available
  • 12 Session Option Available