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If you are in Oxford & want to run faster, for longer and with reduced risk of injury the hire Simon Dicks & Focused Running as your online running coach.

The problem is that most running coaches focus on the wrong things such as pace or distance ran. The emphasis is on quantity. with online running coach we concentrate on QUALITY and increased pace and distance is the by-product.

Learning to run properly with online running coach will help you avoid injuries and improve your speed & endurance far beyond what any training plan can offer!

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Can a running coach help prevent injuries? 

Yes! A running coach can help you prevent injuries by giving you the correct running technique and having that correct technique will allow you to run in a way that has significantly less injury risk.

How much is a running coaching session? 

For our standard services check out our coaching services page. For individual coaching requirements or a no-obligation quote – Contact Us.

What results can I expect from a running coach? 

What you can expect is an improved running technique that will improve your efficiency which would eventually result in improved performance, as well as a lesser risk of injury. Just to name a couple!

What locations do you cover?

We don’t just cover Oxford. We cover various locations but our primary locations would be London, Oxford, Farnborough, Bracknell, Newbury, Reading, Basingstoke & Swindon. If your area isn’t listed feel free to message for details or check out our online virtual running packages.

If I sign up for coaching, what if something (Illness, injury, life stress, pregnancy, etc.) comes up and I need to take a break from the training? 

Don’t worry. With reasonable notice, we can often reschedule sessions based on my availability or delay coaching until you are ready. You can find my coaching cancellation policy which aims to provide reassurance and some level of accountability for you.

How does the onboarding process work?

We start with a biomechanical & running assessment. I can then create a highly personalised programme based on the results, your running goals or target events. There is a couple of forms to complete as a requirement before we get started along with the easy-to-use coaching apps that I will help you download and set up and that will allow me to test and track your progress and provide immediate feedback on your progress.

I’m not a fast runner, is your program right for me?

Of course! Our program is suitable for any runner at any level and we will be able to help you run faster, further and reduced risk of injury.

Do you coach ultramarathoners?

We have coached many ultramarathon runners in the past.  If you are interested in ultramarathon running be sure to check out our Ultramarathon Running Coaching Packages

Do you coach triathletes?

We specialise in running so we would be able to help you with the running aspect of your triathlon, however not with the cycling and swimming aspects.

Can I just hire you for one month?

Yes. If yu have a specific deadline or event you are training for or even just want to dip your toe in professional running coaching, you can opt for a 6 session block and choose session dates and times that suit you. Alternatively, reach out and we can discuss your personal needs.

How often will you check in with me?

Certainly, every day when if required when we first get started. We often have a lot to work on to make your running more efficient. After the initial coaching period, the accountability and coaching may reduce, but certainly a number of times each week.

I’m a beginner, will this be suitable for me?

Yes, I have different programs that suit any level of runner from just starting out to elite-level events and we will definitely be able to speed up the learning process for you.

I’m ready! How do I get started?

You can either add the program you want to your cart on this website or you can Contact Us or our email